Advisory Group

An advisory group, including historical geographers from across Britain, Ireland and the Historical Geography Research Group (HGRG) advised local organisers on various aspects of programme development and design and development. The advisory group included:

Advisory Group Members

Professor Catherine Leyshon (University of Exeter), Dr Isla Forsyth (University of Nottingham),  Dr Briony McDonagh (University of Nottingham), Dr Nuala Johnson (Queens University, Belfast), Dr Luciana Martins (Birkbeck, University of London), Dr Merle Patchett (University of Bristol),  Prof Georgina Endfield (University of Nottingham), Professor David Atkinson (University of Hull), Professor Robin Butlin (University of Leeds),  Dr Caroline Bressey (University College London), Dr Ruth Craggs (Kings, London), Professor Veronica Della Dora (Royal Holloway), Dr Carl Griffin (University of Sussex and Chair, HGRG, RGS-IBG), Professor Roger Kain (University of London), Dr Innes Keighren (Royal Holloway, London), Dr Heike Jons (University of Loughborough), Dr Stephen Legg (University of Nottingham), Dr Keith Lilley, Queen’s Belfast), Professor Alan Lester (University of Sussex), Professor Hayden Lorimer (University of Glasgow), Professor Robert Mayhew (University of Bristol), Dr Avril Maddrell (University of the West of England),  Dr Peter Merriman (University of Aberystwyth), Professor Alison Blunt (Queen Mary, London), Dr John Morrisey (University of Galway), Dr David Nally (University of Cambridge), Dr Hannah Neate (University of Central Lancashire), Professor Miles Ogborn (Queen Mary, London), Dr Richard Powell (University of Oxford), Dr David C Harvey (University of Exeter).

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